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The Podcast About Podcasting

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A brand spanking new podcast series exploring the practice, art, business, technology, luck and sweat involved in building and growing your own podcast series, brand and empire! Each episode we explore stories and share experiences from the podcast community and beyond, as well as discuss tips, equipment and guidance on all things podcasting. Advice on what to do and what not to do when it comes to good all-round podcasting practice.​ We explore what it's really like to create a podcast series from nothing, to come up with consistent podcast episode ideas, how to navigate technology and ways to implement an effective marketing strategy to grow an engaged audience, as well as everything else going on in your busy life. Whether you're a thought leader, business owner, founder, entrepreneur, brand strategist or influencer, you're in the right place if you want to learn how to supercharge your podcasting game.​​Every episode we talk with a range of guests from podcast producers, hosts and experts to thought leaders and professionals from the worlds of business, academia, branding, marketing and the creative communities to hear and learn about their stories, experiences and ideas.How they started out, key decisions they've made along the way and their thoughts on high performance, mindset and how they have built their own personal success stories through podcasting.​​ THE PODCAST ABOUT PODCASTING is brought to you by our team here at ONE STOP PODCASTS and is hosted by our founder Craig Burgess. @OneStopPodacasts